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Sometimes its easy to get swept up and the to-do’s and all the clients needs that we forget to look after the machine that makes it all work. These days an artists spends more and more time glued behind a desk and less time in the outside world just living. Deadlines, pressure and the need for perfection drives us until all the lights start flashing with urgent warnings us to cease and desist before the whole thing collapses.

A daily habit of Biolpus and 20kg later things started to get to breaking point and it finally set it. You have to STOP! And so i did. And the world did not fall apart. As a matter of fact things got a whole lot better. A healthy diet and regular exercise and 4kg less (and going strong) meant that could not only feel better, but I worked better too. And no need for that Bioplus to take care of that brain burn! I am sure everyone else in the office also appreciates a less cranky version of  “The Dragon”.

Its in this spirit of “personal housekeeping” that it was decided that our website is looong overdue for a make-over. Spending so much time on clients websites and corporate identities, your own is always the one that gets put on the bottom of the to-do list. Sound familiar?