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A video Published on Nov 10, 2015 by In a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt has appeared on YouTube making the following bold claims :

Facebook just announced 8 billion video views per day. This number is made out of lies, cheating and worst of all: theft. All of this is wildly known but the media giant Facebook is pretending everything is fine, while damaging independent creators in the process. How does this work?

This video has gone viral and has caught the attention of Business Insider among others.

It would be quite interesting to see a response from Facebook regarding these bold claims. As a content creator these accusations do note bode well for the the creative industry as a whole.

However this being said, content creators should not focus specifically on traffic without comparing it to actual conversions. Traffic alone should not be the be all and end all. It does not matter if your content is viewed on Facebook or on YouTube or Vimeo, it matters how your audience reacts to the content and weather the traffic related to actual sales.