Invest in the Future of Money. Be your own bank.

Start accepting Bitcoin in your business today!

Running a business is stressful enough. Running a business in South Africa with the current economic turbulence is downright terrifying.

How do you protect your hard-earned money from rising inflation, political instability, and frustrating bureaucracy?

What if there was a way to put your money into a global asset that is sheltered from the reach of the chaos of the falling Rand, cuts out all of the exorbitant bank charges and exchange rates usually applied, and can be used anywhere in the world at any time?

Welcome to a new era, with Bitcoin.

Pretty exciting stuff? We sure think so…

But how do you implement this new technology in your business to start selling services and goods in exchange for Bitcoin?

That’s where we come in.

We will help you to set up a Bitcoin account with your own Bitcoin wallet, enabling you to receive payment for your goods and services either online or in-store.

It’s really that simple.

  • Set up and start using Bitcoin in less than a day.
  • Full-service verification within 2 working days.
  • Email invoicing.
  • POS services.
  • Full control of payouts in Rands, or alternatively kept in Bitcoin.
  • Custom currencies for ZAR, USD, EURO, POUNDS, and so much more
  • Fight fraud and identity theft with transactions that are safer than those made with credit cards.
  • Payment service on websites and online stores.
  • 0% transaction fees for 30 or less transactions per month.
  • 1% flat rate transaction fees for 30 or more transactions per month.
  • Choose to keep your money in Bitcoin or Fiat payouts, or a combination of both.
  • Custom user setup, with permission structures for staff at all user levels.

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