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Monstrance is a digital art studio fuelled by love and passionate about talent. We specialize in video-post production, web design, graphic design, animation, photograpy and copywriting.

Video post-production and animation

Our team of video-post production experts know all the in’s and out’s of creating cinematic magic.

Video-post production is the icing on the cake and key to obtaining great end results. Our top-class animation, editing and post-production skills inspire clients and audiences alike. Powerful, yet simple solutions guarantee the visual effects create mind-blowing masterpieces, wowing your target market.

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Web design

The world is the playground of digital gurus and we’ll have your website up and running in a snap.

You’ll have the advantage over your competition with a visibly appealing website designed to your specification. With sound knowledge of all facets of the design process coupled with extensive work experience, quality is assured.

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Graphic design

From concept to final product with that little bit extra we like to call love, our graphics designers consistently produce stellar work.

Creativity and expertise are blended to create rocking illustrations, corporate ID’s, logos and print media that will engage and connect your target market. Simply put, our designers live their lives in pixels.

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A tribe of dedicated copywriters, who live, eat and breathe proofreading, writing and editing will write words that work for you.

Get the best creative writing from those who know how to harness the power of effective communication and the impact of words. We treat our client’s strategic business goals and objectives as an extension of our own and offer a range of copywriting services including long and short copy, editorials and SEO optimised web-copy to name a few.

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